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Big Red Outdoors is the largest, fastest growing organization of our type in the Midwest. Our growth requires us to lease large amounts of quality land year around. Of course we have to make sure we have plenty of land for every member to be able to privately enjoy their favorite outdoor sports. Members do not want to hunt or fish on public land among strangers. Instead they pay to join our club. They know they will not have to share land with anyone else on the day they are there.

We have a well established reputation among both landowners and sportsmen for being a well managed club. After all, we have lots of rules that are firmly enforced. Because of our strict nature we discourage undesirable sportsmen from joining. Likewise we quickly eliminate any who won't follow rules. Strict management policies have enabled us to maintain great relations with numerous landowners year after year. Not only is it very costly to find and lease quality land but time consuming. So we appreciate good land and take good care of it. Those same quality properties are leased year after year.



Only one party per day is allowed on each farm unless. That is unless it's a farm which is much larger than average.   If that is the case, we will divide the farm into different sections and allow only one party per day in the same area. A party consists of 1 or more sportsmen. Overall the average party size is 2 people That number reflects members, guests or dependent children if any. Most of our landowners tell us they rarely even see our members. But frequently tell us that those they have met are really nice guys. Of course they are as we don't let anyone be a member.


Members usually prefer to spend not more than 2 to 2 1/2 hours driving to their hunting destination. Therefore only a small number of members may live close enough to your property for it to be of interest to them. A majority of members only hunt one or two types of game. However, a few members hunt everything. Not to mention we are always looking for fishing opportunities as well.



Reservations must be made through the online reservation system before visiting a property.  Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited on any property we lease while engaging in hunting activities. The average member is 40 years old but ages range from over late 20's to 70's.  Our members are all good sportsmen. They are safe hunters that conform to all game laws.  Especially observing those concerning legal limits, hours, and methods used to harvest wildlife. A lot of members aren't out there for the "kill". They enjoy time in the great outdoors watching wildlife or their dogs work. Of course it's just as much about good times with friends and family.


Game is managed so that we do not harvest to many animals from any property.  Computerized records are maintained of all game sighted and harvested on every farm.  Consequently, when the population levels have been reduced enough we let the land set idle awhile. We may even stop hunting in order to leave enough seed stock for the following year's production.



We do not tolerate members who will not follow rules.  We have a perfect safety record and have never had a claim against our club. But in case we do, we carry full hunting club liability insurance. Our insurance protects all members, guests, us, you, your neighbors, etc., against any claim resulting from a member's carelessness. Both our member rules and land leases are comprehensive.


We have been leasing land for many years and we know what landowners expect from us and our members.  Our members don't leave anything on your land but their footprints.  In fact, most even carry plastic trash bags and pick up other people's trash they find and take it with them.  We don't leave gates open, we don't drive across fields, we restrict smoking or ban fires when dry or requested by a landowner, we don't hunt in safety zones you establish around houses, buildings, livestock, etc.  You are the owner, you make the special rules and we will print those rules on each member’s map of your property, and they will be followed.


Because we control all visits to your land,  we will be glad if requested to email you an advance notice of all pending reservations, so you'll always know who is coming, when, how many will be in their party and what they will be doing there.  You maintain complete control over your land. If we have any member's you don't want visiting your land, just tell us, and we'll make sure they never do.


Landowners lease to us for a variety of reasons.  Some just want to have us post their land to keep trespassers off.  Others just want to stop strangers or neighbors from knocking on their door asking permission to hunt, and our posted signs will usually do that.  Some welcome the extra money and others need to reduce destructive wildlife.  We don't accept money from landowners but it's not uncommon for landowners to offer us money to reduce excessive populations of deer, geese, turkeys, etc. These critters can eat or destroy thousands of dollars worth of crops very quickly and we'll pay to have the enjoyment of hunting them.


Our members are from all walks of life.  We have a cross section of the American public.  We are neither a rich man's club, or a poor man's club, we are a club of average people including executives, professionals, business owners, teachers, salesmen, pilots, construction workers, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, etc. The one common denominator is that all members are avid sportsmen. They love to hunt and/or fish, and they have chosen to pay their hard earned money for the privilege of being able to enjoy the use of private land instead of the public land which is available to them free.


We do not allow slob hunters or poachers to join our club.  Our members have a great deal of respect for other people’s private property, that is evidenced by the fact that they won't trespass, that's why they have paid to join our club, so they can enjoy hunting and fishing on private land where they are welcome, without having to spend their precious leisure time finding places to hunt and fish, we do that for them.


Conversely, hunters who think nothing of trespassing wouldn't think of paying to join a club so they could have access legally, and those are the hunters who have tarnished the reputation of good, ethical hunters. Trespassers are lawbreakers and are disrespectful of other people’s property. They frequently drive across fields, cut fences, leave gates open, leave trash, shoot cattle, equipment and buildings, etc., which gives all hunters a bad image.  As you know, there is good and bad in every grouping of people, hunters are no exception. Our members are not only good sportsmen, they are responsible law abiding people, the kind you would want as your friends.

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